Saturday, August 2

1st Full Day in Dublin

We arrived in Dublin yesterday. It was a long day (after a couple days of end of program parties) so we were pretty tired. We wandered around the Temple Bar area where we are living, had dinner at an Italian place with Rex's mom, and then went to bed early. Today we got up and headed out to Trinity College where we toured the Library and saw the Book of Kells. The guys kinda ran through the place (I think they thought it was boring, even though it is one of the more important written documents in Western civilization...part of how it is that the Irish saved civilization). Then we hiked over to a famous Gaol (jail) here in Dublin and took a tour of it. I was a little bored there, but still thought it was worth it. We then headed to the Guinness Storehouse and the guys took in every detail of the place. You would think it was Stout beer that had saved civilization instead of Medieval monasticism. It was a very interesting tour and we all had a great time. We then hurried to meet Rex's mom for dinner at a Gallagher's Boxty House , where we had either boxties or fish and chips. Tonight we are going out to Temple Bar area and Pruett and I are taking the guys over to a discotech while we repose at The Dubliner. I think we will end a little early again, today was a full day.

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Przemek said...

It's great you enjoy Dublin. Have you already met Polish guys? Look around carefully - there are hundreds of them :) You may always use some useful expressions you've learned, like "pierogi" or "właściowości" :))