Friday, June 27

Dublin and Prague

We have arrived in Europe and hare having a great time. We had a 3 hour delay on our flight from IAH but our long layover covered that nicely (yea planning!) Our flight on Air France was one of the nicest I have had. Good food and personal entertainment devices. They guys liked that. We arrived in Dublin and had a nice day in the city. We flew to Prague yesterday and had a full day of wandering around the oldest part of the city. Then we watched the finals of the Euro Cup in the town square and they had some free time to roam around. The guys are all VERY good at navigation and have passed all of my little tests so they have earned my trust very early. They always know which way home is! Today I drug them to the Jewish Quarter and we went (beyarmulkad) into the synagogues and houses of the Jewish families who were killed in WWII. Tonight we will be staying out a little later to get a taste of the Prague night life (all under the watchful eye of Mr. Reedy, SJ). Tomorrow we will do the royal part of the city and finish with a Mozart, Bach, Schubert, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky symphonic concert in St. George's Basilica in the Royal Castle of Prague. It has been an amazing trip so far. We will have free internet access when we get to Vienna so I will post pictures then. Right now I am paying to be at a little internet cafe, so I have to be quick. They guys are having a great time and are all safe and sound. Na shledanou! (Bye!)

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics. So glad all are doing well and having a great time.