Saturday, June 7

We are in our final days of preparation for our adventure. All of the travel plans are in place and we are just waiting for the day we get on a plane and fly to Europe!

Our major travel destinations are:

Dublin, 24-25 June (where I have never been before)
Prague, 26-29 June (breathtakingly beautiful)
Vienna, 29 June - 1 July (European Cup in an amiable town)
Krakow, 1 July - 1 August (where we shall teach)
Auschwitz, 12 July (where we shall cry)
Zacopane, 26-28 July (where we shall climb)
Dublin, 1-4 August (where we shall have been once before)

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Joseph Fromm said...

Dear Jesuit,
I have been to Krakow, if you do not leave Krakow a holier person, than you are just not trying. Auschwitz must be balanced by a visit to The Shrine of the Divine Mercy of Jesus. Were you will find a rectory filled with about 10 Jesuits on site who are the spiritual directors to both the pilgrims and the sisters. Must does; Mass at St. Adalberts, St. Mary's Cathedral and the Jesuit Church of St. Barbara's next to St. Mary's.
In Krakow you will see in an average day, at least 200 clerics in collars passing in the street of old Krakow. There is no communion in the hand in Poland and confessions are heard prior and during Mass up to the Homily.
I hear the window in the Franciscan Church in Old Krakow is magnificent.