Monday, June 30


The first day here in Vienna was dominated by the game. We arrived in the morning, moved in to our interesting Bohemian apartment, and headed into the city. We went straightway to the Jesuit Church and cathedral (since it was Sunday) and went to a very high Mass at the cathedral. During Mass you could hear "viva EspaƱa" being chanted outside and hear people blowing horns. It was funny. We then went down to the Volksparke to watch the game with a few thousand of our closest friends. It was fun to be there, but a score of 1-0 hardly makes for an exciting game. We all had some Wienerschnitzel and other Viennese foods and headed back to our apartment.

Yesterday we got up and our rather eccentric host cooked us breakfast and made commentary on everything she could think of. I think she is great, although odd. Then we headed out to the city for a day of fun. We started in city center with the Hapsburg Palace and got a taste of royal decadence at its best. We stopped by the Hundterwasser Village and got a look at some strange post modern architecture. Then we headed off to the Danube River and rented a little motor boat to explore. We then had dinner at the top of the tower that overlooks all of Vienna from the Danube Park. We finished the day with a cup of Gelato in the square near our house. We will spend some time at our apartment today and then get on a train this afternoon for Krakow. Tomorrow the work begins and I think everyone is ready to be in one place for a while. The cable that I use to transfer pics to the blog is squished, so I will have to buy another one in Krakow. Then I will be able to upload pics. Later on today, once the troops have gotten up, I will see about uploading some of their pics until I can get a new cable.

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