Monday, July 21

The Distinguished Gentlemen's Club

In addition to the exploration of pipes and coco puffs the guys have made a serious foray into the world of billiards...adding to their stature as men of the "Distinguished Gentlemen's Club" as some of them have started calling themselves (there are plans to add tweed coats and long, heated debates on politics). I was sitting in our recreation room when I saw Patrick come downstairs from the billiards room, get some plastic cups, and run back up the stairs. I, soon thereafter, heard a loud noise and a whisper of not-so-gentlemanly snickering. Upon ascending the stairs I saw the sight that you will see in the video remix below. They had tired of traditional billiards and were inventing their own game.

The object of the game was to hit a ball, under a cup, and have it travel becupped to the other end and knock one of the opponent's ball/cups over spilling his cup without spilling your own. There were many other rules which I never understood, but that's the gist of the game.

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