Monday, July 21


So here you have a picture of the Rex's X-Ray. No, he doesn't actually have a lightning bolt in his hand, I added a little graphic to point to the fracture. It is harder to take a picture of an X-ray than I thought it would be. They are some very reflective things so you can see me and the room behind me if you look very closely.

Today I went back to the hospital and talked with a different doctor. He said that everything looked good and that Rex should come back Wed or Thurs, have another Rex-Ray, and, if all looks good, get a smaller and lighter cast.

Rex has handled the whole issue with courage and a good sense of humor. I'm proud of him.

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John III said...

Mr. Reedy:

It is interesting to me, as a surgeon, to see and X-ray from 5,000 miles away - particularly when it was my son who "modeled for the picture"! Although he e-mailed that he had broken his pinkie, he kind of forgot to mention whether it was his dominant or non-dominant hand. Your blog answered my question!

John Potts