Thursday, July 17

The Krakow Team at Work

As you see, I've posted some pics of the guys at work. Patrick is not among them because his class was on a "field trip" to the botanical gardens this morning. I will take some pics of his class some time soon.

I think they were a little happier today because I went to the grocery store and bought some cereal (Polish coco-puffs, and granola type stuff) and got some milk for breakfast. The guys are a little tired of eating ham sandwiches, pickles, and fish for breakfast...I can't imagine why....but a big bowl of cereal does an American good!


Anonymous said...

Yes. Sandwiches, pickles, and fish could get a little tiring for breakfast. It is really amazing what creatures of habit we are. Mr. Reedy, Rex's Polish family information is in with his passport. Could you pass it on to Rex? Seems that some one at the school knows a Wegryn in Poland who also happens to be a neurologist! Thank you. Tara

Jesuit said...

Of course! I have been looking for Wegryns the whole time, but haven't seen it yet.