Sunday, July 6

Our Tour of Krakow

Yesterday was our first day off after having taught for a few days. Everyone was a little tired so a day off sounded nice. The only thing on the schedule was a little tour of Krakow. We met our tour guide, Margaret, at 9am to start our tour. We walked from the University to the Theatre, along the old Wall of the city, to the battlements in the North. We then walked down the Royal Road to the city square. We stopped in the square and had what we unanimously described as "the best hot chocolate ever." We went up into the Main Square tower, attached to St. Mary's Church where we had great views of the city. Patrick had been bad, so we chained him to the Church until he reformed his ways. :)

From the Main Square (which is the largest in Europe) we had some kebabs and then headed out to Wawel Castle. We had a great tour of the Cathedral and Castle but couldn't take any pictures inside so you won't see that. From the Castle we walked to the old Jewish Quarter of Krakow where 60,000 Jews used to live and where 200 now reside. Next weekend we will go see where the rest of them met their cruel end.

The whole tour took 7 hours and sometimes we felt like we were on a death march. Margaret was very nice and unbelievably knowledgeable but we were overly tired at the end of the tour. I almost led a mutiny in the last hour, but managed to pull through. They guys were real troopers and I was impressed with them all over again. We had some pizza for dinner at The Cyclops (where they have a pizza with an egg in the middle for an "eye") and then headed back to the chocolate place for dessert. We ended up back at the University where Christian, Rex, and John were waiting. It was great to see them again 'cause we kinda miss 'em. The high school program starts tomorrow so I will soon be posting some pics from out there. Badum arrives today and then the Fellowship of the Ring will be complete.

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