Friday, July 4

First Day of Classes

Yesterday was our first day of classes. It all went very well. I am very excited about the program because everyone has great attitudes. The students all want to learn and the teachers all want to teach! The atmosphere of the whole scholasticate is positive and fun. Last night one of the students came into the computer room and said, "We are in the rec room and we want Americans to talk to. Come. Come." And led a bunch of us to the rec room to talk about a little bit of everything. They also taught the guys (Patrick, Rex, and Christian) some Polish. They especially like having the TA's around because they are a fun bunch of guys and not as intimidating as the teachers can be. The TA program is a huge sucess because the guys are doing a GREAT JOB.

Today the guys in the high school program should move out to their site. They will have an orientation this weekend and then start teaching on Monday. They are champing at the bit to get to work because without travel it can get boring without something to do. I know that everyone in my program will miss 'em because we have been together for 11 days now and have only gotten closer to each other each day. We have an amazing team and I am honored to be able to work with these guys. Now we just need to complete the team with Michael!!

I will post more pictures next week when the high school program is under way.

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