Thursday, July 10

Teaching and stuff

Our adventure continues. Christian, John, and Rex have settled into their program. They are teaching their own classes and, from all reports, doing quite well. They describe it as an environment like "summer camp" and I have to agree. They have camp fires some evenings, outings to local sites, dances, and some classes in English in there somewhere. I think they are having a good time. I have not been able to get any pics of them in action yet, but I will get some up here when I can.

I went and picked them up last night and brought them in to town so they could have dinner with Michael, Devin, Matthew and Patrick. We went to a restaurant called "Sioux" which the Poles insisted was pronounced phonetically as it is spelt. It is a steakhouse that is "western" in style. It was a lot like being in a Texas style restaurant at home, except for the gothic brick doorways. Everyone but me ordered the ribs. I got a steak in a cayenne cream sauce. Everyone was happy. We then went for dessert at what has quickly become our favorite spot in Krakow--a chocolate restaurant. We had various forms of chocolate. Then the Krakow guys had some time to wander around the Market Square while I took the other guys back to their location outside of town so that they could make the end of the dance (where I am sure they were the stars). This weekend we are all getting together and going to Auschwitz. It should be a good trip.

All of the guys are doing extreamly well. The students and scholastics all rave about how nice they are, how helpful, and how mature. I think everyone is having a great experience. The monotony of the schedule is starting to show, but I think I can be creative and change things up a bit to break it.

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