Tuesday, July 1


We arrived in Krakow last night and moved into our new home for a month. We start work today so pray for us!


Anonymous said...

Good luck to the SJ group as well as our friends from DC.

I am sure 6 Moms in Houston are checking the Krakow weather every morning to make sure no one is wet, dry, cold, hot, etc.

: )

John C

Mrs. B said...

Make that 5 moms in Houston checking the weather. I am heading off to Minnesoty to do my 3 weeks as Camp Nurse for 400 little girls - can you say drama??? Glad that MJB made his way safely to you.........was there any jerky left? I hear he was pretty hungry in the Dublin airport.

Love and prayers to all,
Mrs. B

Mrs. B said...

Please have MJB check his personal e-mail for an important family announcement.