Wednesday, July 23

On Wednesdays we have a game in the late morning just before Mass (to break the routine). As I mentioned in earlier posts, we had a scavenger hunt the first week and we played Taboo last week. The same team won both times (it was Mr. Pruett's team and it was the most basic class) This week I stepped it up a notch and decided to give Cranium a shot.

I had five categories: Pictionary, Eyes Closed Pictionary, Impersonations, Charades, and Sculpture.

They were a surprisingly competative group and the event got a little heated at some points (Jesuits? Competitive?).

There were some accusations (somewhat well founded) that there were's say "violation of rules." In the end Mr. Pruett's class and Patrick's class tied. The exact circumstances of the tie are too much for words but suffice it to say that Mr. Pruett's class bowed graciously out of the competition and gave the prize to Patrick's class. So his class gets to go out for pizza and beer tonight. We finished just in time to go to Mass....and we needed it!

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Thespians too! Tara