Thursday, July 17

Some more pictures from the trip

In the post below I have some pics where the real learning happens--the 1 on 1 conversations. This where where fluency increases and intercultural exchange occurs. It's the best!!

In the post immediately below there are some pics from the trip so far that I think are kinda nice but didn't really fit in anywhere. If you watch, you might see your guy pop in every once in a while.

There is one pic of a WWII memorial plaque. If you look closely at the wall under the plaque you can see bullet holes. There were a bunch of good guys (paratroopers) holed up in this church with the priests. The Nazis were after 'em. Some history: back in the 1940s, there was an infamous Nazi in Prague named Reinhard Heydrich. Enter the good guys--the British trained a handful of Czech soldiers to assassinate this guy. When the training was complete, they dropped the soldiers by parachuting them in the middle of Bohemia. They succeeded in killing Heydrich.

They were, of course, pursued. They took refuge in this church, the Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius. They holed up here, until a Czech informer (the Czech counterpart to Benedict Arnold) told the Nazis where the paratroopers were, and after a siege, two of them died, and the rest committed suicide rather than die in the hands of the Nazis. Some of the priests were killed as well, but the story is less clear about them.

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