Sunday, July 20

Going out to the High School Program

So today I took the guys here in Krakow out to see the place where the High School Program is and to play a little American Football with the guys out there. (The first picture below is of the teaching schedule where you can see Christian, John, and Rex) We loaded up and drove out to the school around noon. The guys were just getting out of Mass and met up with us. I wandered off with the directors of the other 3 English programs in Krakow to finalize our schedules. The gang got their game underway.

While I was having lunch in the Haunted House (it is one of the Jesuit Communities here in Krakow, but it is in an old Soviet Mental hospital that is, without a doubt, haunted...or should I say, if ghosts exist, they indubitably live there) I got a call from Rex saying that he had broken his pinky finger and needed to go to the hospital. One of the high school directors took him to the hospital in Krakow and I met him there. The finger did look broken but I was hoping for a dislocation instead. We got transferred a couple once before we found the right place (there are way too many stories to tell on the blog, they will be much better in person) and got his X-ray which showed that there was clearly a clean break. He got his temporary cast and we headed back to the high school.

Once back the guys had a little pizza party and celebrated their victory over the Polish locals in American Football, for which they were awarded a beautiful American Football Trophy.

'Twas quite a day.

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