Wednesday, July 16

Teaching away

We are just teaching away here in Krakow. The weather has been kinda rainy, but that is a relief from the unusual heat we have been having. Some days soaring into the mid 80's. Our schedule has been the same-ol' same-ol' but the week is broken today by an activity in the morning. We will play a big round of Taboo. I will post some pics of that later on. My camera needs batteries so I have been a little shutter shy here lately.

Rex, John, and Christian are coming in to meet us tonight for dinner. I think we are going to have some boef stroganov naleshniki (which are crepes filled with beef stroganoff). Michael and I found this place this past week while we were shopping for toiletries. There's not a lot of beef in the Polish diet so I have to hunt down cow serving food establishments to keep my Texans happy.

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