Thursday, July 17

Taboo and Food

Our game of Taboo yesterday was a big hit. It was exciting and the students got into it. Of course, the prize for the winning students was an evening in the Market Square with Pivo (beer) so it's no wonder they were excited. Mr. Pruett's class won this week, making them the winners two weeks running. While they are playing the game they chant "Pi-vo, pi-vo, pi-vo!" I guess that motivation works because they are the most basic class we have but they keep winning!

I took our guys out last night for dinner. John, Rex, and Christian came in from English Summer Camp and we all went out for naleshniki. They were good, but the guys were still hungry so we went out for burgers at an American style restaurant. Then we headed over to a little bakery where they loaded up on cheap and great Polish baked goods.

Last night when Artur, the director of the high school program, was picking the guys up to take 'em back to their location he said, "If someone were to tell me that there were better young men in all of Houston, I wouldn't believe them. Your guys are teaching better than some of the adults and are very responsible. They work hard when they work and they play hard when they play." I feel exactly the same way about all seven of our guys. It is an honor for me to be travelling and working with them.

I have to buy more batteries for my camera. Then I can post some more pics!!

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